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Ron's Gold and Silver Journal

I remember back when Gold and Silver released in Japan and I was just a lowly gaijin in the US with no chance in hell of getting his hands on a Japanese version of the game and no Idea what a rom was so apart from drooling over articles about the games in the Beckett Pokémon Collector Magazines that I missed a few days of school lunch so I could pocket the change and buy I had the magic portal known as the WORLD WIDE WEB (talk about a run-on sentence). I can still remember staring intently at the glowing screen of my CRT,  listening to the dulcet tones of my dial up modem as it connected me to the wired. I had one hour of PC time before my parents were going to kick my ass off the computer and back to my room and I knew exactly  what I was going to do with it: Read Ron's Gold Journal on

Ron's Gold Journal was a window into a world I was dying to experience and couldn't. I spend every night for weeks pouring over the screenshots, the regaled tales of Ron's adventures in the mysterious and unknown (no pun intended) lands of the Johto region. I could wax poetic of my juvenile days at the Compaq Presario forever but I just wanted to give you and idea of why these blog style playthroughs, while antiquated, still hold a place in my heart. It's my bygone experiences delving deep into Ron's rather shallow Gold Journal that led me to want to do a journal on ETR in 2021 and beyond. Will I captivate anyone with my blogs like Ron did to me when I would've given my left nipple to play Pokémon GS for 5 minutes? No. Hopefully it does amuse someone out there though. The wired is a big place and it's full of bored people and if I can strike one person's fancy by blogging my playthrough of now ancient games of a bygone era... then I'll have done my job.  

The fun should begin soon! If you think If you're reading this and thinking "Man, I know which version he should do first" then hit me up! You can get to my contact page by clicking the little envelope toting, angel wing flapping Pikachu on the main page!

While you wait why not check out Ron's Journal for yourself and get acquainted with what made my adolecent heart race 20+ years ago: